Introducing Actifio

Actifio is a data virtualisation software platform. It enables businesses around the world to deliver Data-as-a-Service, to leverage public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure to accelerate testing for DevOps, and to improve SLAs for backup and Disaster Recovery (DR), while reducing cost and complexity.

Actifio Sky DB delivers rapid cloning and instant recovery for Oracle, SQL and SAP HANA

The Digital economy is driving massive volumes of information into databases. Database Administrators (DBAs) are struggling to balance operational needs such as performance and availability with the needs of their development teams who want more database copies and the current copies to be refreshed faster. Solve these development challenges with Sky DB.


  • Instant Virtual Copies: Instantly provision dozens of copies of production data for test/dev environments while consuming virtually no additional storage.
  • Instant Recoveries: Recover from previous points in time near-instantly even for a 100+ TB sized database.
  • Self Service: Automated virtual database provisioning using integrated Actifio workflows or via RESTful API integration with tools like Jenkins, GitHub, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and Saltstack.
  • Cloud Ready: Instantly provision virtual copies in Amazon, Microsoft Azure, VMware or Oracle Cloud.

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“Actifio allows us to create self-service copies of VLDB’s on demand. It drastically reduces time to provision copies from 18 hours to 15 minutes. We have also reduced our storage footprint by over 50%” 


Actifio 2018

See how 10 virtual copies of a 1TB database can be provisioned in <5 minutes

Rated No1 by Gartner. Source: 2017 Data Centre Backup & Recovery Critical Capabilities Report, Gartner

Leader of the Pack! Actifio was rated No1 by Gartner.