[WEBINAR]: On-Demand DR: Recover Faster From a Ransomware Attack.

On-Demand DR: Recover Faster From a Ransomware Attack

Webinar: Hosted by Trustco PLC & Datrium
Date: Tuesday, 18th February 2020
Time: 1pm
Duration: 60 Minutes
Speakers: Sazzala Reddy, CTO & Co-Founder at Datrium and Tim Cripps, Managing Director at Trustco PLC

Ransomware attacks have quickly become IT’s worst nightmare, so organisations must have an active disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place.

Many struggle with DR because their primary storage, backup, and DR solutions are siloed, which increases complexity when IT teams have to manage and administer multiple systems.

When faced with a ransomware attack, it can take days or weeks for businesses to get access to its data and systems back up and running.

There is a more straightforward, faster, and more cost-effective way to prepare for and recover from ransomware attacks and disasters, without sacrificing performance or overburdening IT staff.

Join Trustco and Datrium for a webinar on 18th February to find out how.  

Learn best practices for on-demand disaster recovery, including how to achieve:

  • Up to 10x more cost-efficient DR
  • One-click failover and failback with continuous compliance checks to ensure your DR plans will work when you need them
  • Instant recovery time objective (RTO), low recovery point objective (RPO), and consistency across hosts using always-on Blanket Encryption
  • Immutable, isolated, regularly verified and catalogued VM-granularity snapshots
  • Whole data centre recovery workflow automation.

Join us, and you will learn how leading organisations were able to eliminate their secondary DR site by introducing on-demand DR and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) by 80%.

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