Refer-a-friend or 2 or 3…

We’ll help them succeed, and you will receive a £100 Amazon gift card.

Customer referral programme

Nobody can tell the Trustco story better than our customers. If you have any friends in IT that may benefit from talking to Trustco about a storage or high-performance computing sale, please let us know.


How does it work? It’s easy.


Step 1: Complete the registration form.


Step 2: Let your referral know that you have introduced them to Trustco and that they will receive a call from us shortly.


Step 3: Sit back and relax. If your introduction leads to a storage array or high-performance computing sale, we’ll give you a £100 Amazon gift card  to say thank you.


Any questions? Contact Trustco or call 0344 880 1999.

Fine print

  • Open to existing Trustco customers only, leading to a storage array sale or a high-performance computing sale.
  • The referral is only eligible if Trustco is not currently engaging with this company.
  • Complete the form below before the first customer meeting has taken place. 
    We will never pass your details on to 3rd parties.