HyperserV - a hyperconverged appliance for SMEs

Hyperconvergence enables companies to cut costs and complexity by consolidating multiple servers and SANs into a single manageable appliance. However tapping into the benefits of hyperconvergence has previously been cost prohibitive for smaller organisations.


HyperserV, powered by DataCore, combines storage, compute, networking and virtualisation within its core and offers the benefits of a fully virtualised, plug-and-play solution with Enterprise class technology, at an affordable price for SMEs.


Reduce cost, risk and complexity


High performance dual node appliance built on industry standard x86 server architectures, each node mirroring to deliver high availability

Deploy up to 50 VMs on your choice of hypervisors – VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V

DataCore Virtual SAN Software delivers award-winning, enterprise class, VM storage:


  • Auto-tiering and QoS ensures priority data serves the needs of your users quicker
  • Caching to increase data centre performance
  • Snapshots to reduce risk and improve integrity of data
  • Thin provisioning to increase the efficiency of your existing storage
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting to provide actionable data centre intelligence.


Trustco is a reseller partner for HyperserV. To find out more contact Trustco today.


Why HyperserV?

  • Developed for SMEs
  • 80-90% footprint reduction 
  • Reduce energy usage by 66% 
  • Lower support costs
  • No need for a separate SAN
  • Repurpose IT resources