Limitless VDI:  modular solutions designed to scale out

As desktop virtualisation technology continues to progress Trustco believes that every company can now take full advantage of the benefits of VDI.

Limitless VDI from Trustco is an all-in-one bespoke solution, tailored to your individual business requirements.

We start with you. Are you striving to lower costs, simplify management, improve performance, or all of the above?

Trustco will talk you through your options and help you with product selection, technical design, procurement, configuration, installation and training to ensure the process of moving to a more efficient, customised desktop solution is a simple one.

How does this differ from other VDI solutions?

Together we will pick the best hypervisor, servers, storage and networking solutions for you and Trustco will deliver this. With Trustco, you are not tied into one pre-engineered solution – so no vendor lock in.

Which solution is right for your business? We offer three options:

1) Limitless VDI

  • Consisting of your server hosts, virtualisation software of choice, shared storage and fabric connection, Trustco will fully configure this solution, install onsite and you will be left with a simple solution, ready to run
  • Full training is provided for you to manage this solution yourself and full manufacturer support is available across your infrastructure
  • Lease finance options are available

2) Limitless VDI: Managed

  • As the above but Trustco will fully manage your solution for at a fixed cost
  • Ability to pay over 1, 2 or 3 year terms

3) Desktop as a Service – XenCAD

  • Popular with SMBs looking to remove the cost and hassle of managing the desktop, this is a fully hosted, centralised service for your users, powered by XenCAD and delivered by Trustco
  • A cost effective solution for your users with standard desktop, 2D or 3D capabilities for a monthly subscription with no long commitment contracts and fees
  • Users can log onto their desktop from any internet enabled device and have peace of mind that data is safe with continuous backups in our UK data centres

VDI – the benefits

  • Improved user experience
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Improved availability
  • Enhanced security
  • Simplified backup
  • Simplified management
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Not sure where to start?

Our VDI experts will work with you to discuss your options. Request a 15 minute VDI consultation now.

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