According to a recent survey for Computer Weekly, storage is one of the most challenging pain points in the data centre for the majority of IT managers and systems architects.

Coupled with this, the storage industry is evolving at an alarming rate – Flash or HDD? Tiering or Caching? Fibre channel or iSCSI? Snapshots or replication? – Not sure where to start?

Our hybrid, data archiving & SAN storage experts work with you to help manage your expanding data needs.

Partnerships with leading data storage manufacturers

Trustco constantly monitor the industry for new products from both established and new vendors. We have vast experience of supplying industry-leading solutions from DataCore,  HPE StorageNimble StorageTegile StorageQsan StorageQuantum / Dot Hill Storage, Dell, IBM, EMC and NetApp.

Our aim is to provide you with clear, independent advice and the most appropriate combined solution.

Trustco key data storage partners include:

DataCore software
Dell Storage
EMC Storage
HPE Storage
Nimble Storage
Tegile Storage
QNAP Network Attached Storage
QSAN Storage
Quantum / Dot Hill Storage


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