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Unitrends delivers award-winning business recovery solutions for any IT environment including virtual, physical, and cloud solutions.


Its solutions protect more than 220 versions of operating system, hypervisors, and applications for physical, virtual, and deep virtual protection. Backup is cloud-empowered, ready for the Unitrends cloud, your cloud, or a third-party cloud.


Unitrends products in brief


  • Recovery-Series Appliances: All-in-one physical backup appliance purpose-built from 1-182 TB
  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup: All-in-one backup software deployed as a virtual appliance or installable software
  • ReliableDR: Recovery assurance and automated DR testing for virtual machines
  • Unitrends Cloud: Long-term retention, replication, and disaster recovery services in the Unitrends Cloud. Private and 3rd party clouds also supported
  • Boomerang: Move VMs between VMware to AWS for disaster recovery or cloudbursting




  • All-in-one backup, restore, SLA testing, and DR orchestration from one vendor
  • Comprehensive protection of your entire physical & virtual infrastructure
  • Flexibility of an on-premise data protection architecture with a HW appliance, a SW appliance, and a SW backup engine to deploy as needed
  • (Any) cloud-empowered data recovery
  • Management simplicity with fewer clicks to create and restore backup jobs
  • Enterprise capabilities at a mid-market investment

Unitrends UK Reseller

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Trustco is a Unitrends UK Reseller. To find out more about Unitrends and how this solution compare against other Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions, contact Trustco today.

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