WPA3- The Next Generation of Wi-Fi Alliances Wi-Fi Protected Access

Friday      |  14.6.19 |   11:00AM

BYOD, Guest services and growing use of IoT only adds to the security concerns of IT Administrators, this session will introduce WPA3, the latest enhancement to Wi-Fi security engineered to deliver improved security protections while simultaneously simplifying Wi-Fi security usage for end users.

During this live webinar, we will examine the primary component of WPA3, Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE), a protocol offering a more resilient password-based authentication that delivers stronger security protections to users and administrators with stronger protection against password guessing attempts by third parties. Additionally, it also offers stronger cryptographic strength encryption for government, defense, and other sensitive environments.

Along with WPA3, we will also examine other WFA security related enhancements including WPA2 enhancements, the Enhanced Open and Easy Connect protocolsThe WPA3 brand continues to support and segment the market with WPA3-Personal & WPA3-Enterprise

If Wi-Fi security is a concern, or even just an interest of yours, make it a point to attend this exclusive webinar.

Please give us a call at Trustco on 0344 880 1999 or register your interest below.