[Guest Blog by Sazzala Reddy] How to Recover Faster from a Ransomware Attack.

This month’s guest blog comes from Sazzala Reddy, CTO and Co-founder of Datrium.

Ransomware attacks have quickly become IT’s worst nightmare. The risk of an attack demands that organisations have an effective disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place. Read how Datrium and Trustco are working together to transform DR.

The Challenges

Many companies struggle with DR because their primary storage, backup, and disaster recovery solutions are siloed, which increases complexity when IT teams have to manage and administer multiple systems. When faced with a ransomware attack, it can take days or weeks for businesses to get access to data and systems back up and running.

There is an easier, faster, and more cost-efficient way to prepare for and recover from ransomware attacks and natural disasters, without sacrificing performance or overburdening IT staff. 

Datrium – Easier, Faster, More Cost-Efficient 

Datrium converges DR, backup, storage, and encryption in a single powerful platform. It has a consistent data management system that works seamlessly across private and public clouds and uses VMware Cloud on AWS for all your VMware workloads.

Here’s how Datrium can help you reduce the risk of ransomware attacks and natural disasters:

  • On-demand failproof DR: one-click failover and failback between data centres and continuous compliance checks every 30 minutes
  • Up to 10x more cost-efficient DR: pay for DR only when disaster strikes or for testing by using an on-demand data center in the public cloud
  • Instant RTO and Low RPO: restart any VMware workload from cost-effective S3, after a ransomware attack or natural disaster
  • Simplified data management: use familiar vCenter tools and consistent operating environments with always-on Blanket Encryption, on premises and in the cloud, eliminating time-consuming conversions
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): reduce total costs by 80% after eliminating secondary DR sites.
Datrium DRaaS

Working Together to Transform DR

We’re pleased that Trustco is a top-level partner in the Datrium Global Partner Network. Trustco has a strong track record of introducing and supporting hybrid technologies to customers, and they know that Datrium provides a reliable, modern, and innovative DR and data management solution with VMware Cloud on AWS. We look forward to working together to help organisations in the UK transform their DR and backup processes, achieve instant RTO, and reduce the risk of ransomware attacks.  

Trustco Plc, a DRaaS Select member of the Datrium Global Partner Network, offers UK wide consultancy and deployment expertise for Hybrid Cloud and Data Centre Consolidation projects. Call us on 0344 880 1999.  

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