Learn how Trustco worked with the UK market leader in healthcare pre-wholesaling to install a resilience and reliable VMware virtualisation solution to help reduce support calls from 30 down to zero.  

UDG Healthcare, a joint venture company between United Drug and Alliance Boots, is the UK market leader in healthcare pre-wholesaling. Their 700 employees supply over £3 Billion per annum of pharmaceutical, veterinary and consumer health products.

Four MHRA approved warehouse campuses store thousands of different products in temperatures ranging from ambient to frozen levels. The national distribution fleet is GPS tracked to ensure a quality controlled one stop shop for all clients.

Client needs

The IT function is critical to supporting UDG’s strategy of “Service Excellence as Standard”. IT Director Scott Wilson-Benner has been with the company for 19 years, developing cross-functional expertise in a fast moving multi-user environment and an evolving marketplace.

Scott explains, “Our clients range from international blue chip pharmaceutical companies requiring 10,000 pallets, to small high growth enterprises storing 10 pallets. They all demand consistent high quality on-time delivery and support services in a highly competitive market. Our IT technology and support strategy is to proactively select the best suppliers of equipment and services to meet our own demanding supply chain needs.”


The number of UDG sites is growing, client numbers are expanding and data storage capacity and accessibility need to keep pace.

UDG’s growth, coupled with increased needs for disaster recovery resilience and expectations of zero downtime from clients demanded a review of IT infrastructure systems and services.

Scott says, “We looked extensively at all supply options from our existing international public listed company providers to some of the new breed specialists who have built reputations as niche experts without high cost corporate brand marketing.

“Our high spec IT supplier requirements included demonstrations that they could provide proven backup systems, guaranteed storage, nationwide support and the ability to grow with fully protected, scalable, stable platforms expanding over the next three years. Smooth change with simple robust backup and no disruption was essential.”


All options were reviewed with evidence based competency assessments, reference checking and presentations. Instead of choosing the incumbent supplier the project was awarded to Trustco PLC offering the best value with a wide breadth of relevant specialist expertise.


The new VMware solution has been installed, tested, piloted and rolled out to mirror site servers and storage. If a site suffers total destruction the backup is immediate, automatic and with no interference to operations. A real test occurred when an extended power outage cut power to the computer room in the main site.

Scott explains, “Like insurance, our extra resilience was an absolute godsend and a golden solution. We have reduced the costs of our legacy licences. We reduced 30 support calls per month to zero with great cost savings. System performance headaches are a thing of the past. Our operations have greater performance scalability. All business critical systems are now fully compliant and resilient. And very important – no one noticed the new system – that’s real proof of success.”


UDG has the necessary resilience, reliability and extra storage to develop new business as their client base grows exponentially. Their principle strategy “Service Excellence as Standard” is in safe hands to meet future challenges.

The final words come from Tim Cripps, Sales Director for Trustco, “We are delighted to be first choice providers in preference to an international billion dollar brand. We believe our transparency in assessing options, risks and returns builds trust with our business partners and we can prove our claims are real.”



Solutions provided

Disaster Recovery Backup

Customer quote

“All business critical systems are now fully compliant and resilient.

Scott Wilson-Benner, IT Director, UDG Healthcare plc