Learn how Trustco partnered with TelecityGroup and Dot Hill to deliver an innovative, hybrid flash storage solution to support a European-wide Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) roll out.

Founded in 1998, TelecityGroup is a leading provider of carrier-neutral data centres in Europe, operating highly-connected facilities in prime city centre positions in Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Sofia, Stockholm and Warsaw.

Customers choose Telecity because of its high-quality infrastructure and service standards, connectivity options and capacity to support their future growth.

Trustco have partnered with Telecity on a range of IT infrastructure projects since 2010. These projects range from advising and configuring servers and server upgrades to providing software, storage and networking solutions.

Challenge: expanding hosting capacity

Driven by customer demands Telecity have been expanding hosting capacity by building new data centres and expanding existing facilities to ensure they have the infrastructure to support their clients’ growth. Part of this expansion has included an extensive Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution connecting established and new data centres across Europe.

To help support this project a new robust data storage platform was required to deliver improved performance to maintain an excellent Quality of Service (QoS) at all times regardless of data workload demands.

Having trialled a number of ‘all flash’ storage systems with limited success, Paul Bruff, Group Technical Architect for Telecity approached Trustco to provide an independent appraisal of the storage marketplace.

Trustco’s pre-sales team worked with Telecity to clearly define his requirement and once Telecity’s project drivers were established, Trustco discussed the merits of autonomic tiering.

Trustco constantly monitor the data storage industry for new innovative products from both established and new vendors. As an independent reseller they were able to talk Telecity through the benefits of hybrid solutions combining both SSD and traditional HDD technologies that would provide the performance and the capacity that they required. Telecity was also looking for a solution which would be simple to manage and was working to a strict budget so these factors were taken into consideration.

A cost effective solution? 

After careful consideration of the options available Telecity wanted to explore the Dot Hill AssuredSAN™ series with RealStor™ monitoring software.

The AssuredSAN RealTier tiering software automatically manages ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ data in real-time to deliver cost effective storage performance. With this tiered data storage solution, storage responds minute by minute to changes in data requirements, moving the most heavily accessed data up to the SSD tier, while detecting less active data and moving it to a lower tier. This data migration happens in real-time, without policy setting and human intervention.

This advantage of data storage tiering is that it offers an effective balance of high performance (with the very fast SSDs) and low cost (with the relatively inexpensive HDDs) which makes this a cost effective solution. Faster I/O is achieved in part through real-time, automated data tiering, which prioritises data files, volumes or blocks between tiered storage using built-in analysis and data scoring.

Decision making – how will this perform?

Trustco were able to bring Dot Hill and Telecity together to help demonstrate the benefits of this solution followed by a stringent pricing comparison exercise.

To give Telecity full confidence in the solution being presented, Trustco provided relevant customer references.  Trustco were able to introduce Telecity to another Managed Service Provider who had installed a Dot Hill AssuredSAN solution. This helped Telecity’s IT team understand how the solution worked in a similar environment and provided invaluable first-hand experience from industry peers.

Finally Trustco negotiated a ‘try’n’buy’ option with Dot Hill which allowed Telecity to commence a full on-site validation over a 4 week period.


After a successful trial, Telecity deployed the Dot Hill AssuredSAN solution with RealStor software to help underpin the European roll-out of the VDI network.

The initial Dot Hill installation supports a completely virtualised environment hosting over 200 virtual desktops driven by Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 VDI. The AssuredSAN arrays host several support and financial applications in addition to the VDI infrastructure all running on Cisco UCS C-Series blade servers in a clustered configuration for complete redundancy. The integrated RealStor management software has helped simplify storage management and helps Telecity plan for future expansion.

Delighted with the outcome of this project, Telecity have since gone on to partner with Trustco and install additional solutions from the Dot Hill AssuredSAN series.


  • Trustco partnered with Dot Hill to deliver a hybrid solution combining both SSD and traditional HDD technologies to provide real-time autonomic tiering to improve IT and I/O performance
  • Trustco’s extensive experience of the storage marketplace provided quick, detailed and accurate knowledge on the options available for Telecity to explore further
  • The ‘try’n’buy’ option gave full confidence in the solution being presented and was supported by strong customer references

Final say

Paul Bishop, CIO for TelecityGroup commented, “We are expanding our customer capacity in key European locations by building new data centres and expanding existing facilities. Leading edge data storage technology from Dot Hill, supported by Trustco, ensures we have the performance and capacity to support our clients’ growth.”


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Customer Quote

“We selected the AssuredSAN series with RealStor real-time tiering based on some excellent customer references, our evaluation of its performance, and its ease of use.”

Paul Bishop, 
CIO, TelecityGroup