Learn why Racing Post partnered with Trustco to implement a VDI solution to help enhance security, reduce hardware costs and support issues.

Racing Post started life as a daily horse racing, greyhound racing and sports betting newspaper in 1986. Moving with the times it has developed successful iPad and digital editions and its website – www.racingpost.com – received over 40,000 concurrent connections during the 2014 Grand National.

The Requirement

With over 300 internal desktop users operating over three sites in central London, Berkshire and Ireland the organisation is heavily reliant on IT systems for day to day tasks.

Johan Pieterse, Head of Operations and Security for Racing Post heads up an IT team of 15 people who are responsible for providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support across the business.

As the business becomes more flexible the need has arisen for employees to be able to hot desk across offices and work remotely. This presented issues as the company would need to start reducing the number of desktops across the business as well as security concerns over remote working.

To help achieve this, Racing Post started exploring VDI solutions which would provide seamless remote access to business critical applications.

The Evaluation

Johan undertook some desk research and came across a ThinPoint, a VDI solution from NetLeverage. ThinPoint is secure, high performance and cost effective platform, which centralises, virtualises and delivers desktop and applications over TCP/IP network and the internet.

Intrigued, Johan contacted Trustco – NetLeverage’s exclusive UK distributor – to find out more. Trustco’s dedicated Account Manager organised a WebEx to demonstrate the solution and then arranged for a live trial for Racing Post to pilot throughout their business.

Impressed with what he saw, Johan challenged his existing IT suppliers to come up with similar VDI solutions which would match the flexible approach with the cost benefits that ThinPoint offers. Having researched further VDI solutions including industry leading options from VMware and Citrix, Johan opted to install ThinPoint.


Johan was keen to point out that ThinPoint is simple to install, utilising existing client-side resources for reduced server workload. It has simplified management as his IT team can centrally install, secure and upgrade all user applications and desktops from a single Windows desktop OS image.

It is a cost-effective solution as concurrent licensing means Racing Post only pays for what they use rather than individual licenses for each user. It has also had a positive knock-on effect on hardware costs and support calls, which have helped influence IT strategy throughout the business.

Johan commented; “Now if a laptop breaks I switch users over to an HP Thin Client and run ThinPoint straight from this. Not only has this reduced hardware costs as a Thin Client is considerably cheaper to purchase than a laptop, associated support calls have dropped dramatically as well. The only reason people call us now is if they have forgotten their password, instead of all the day-to-day issues that come with supporting a laptop. The members of my team who run 1st Line Support are very happy!”


After piloting this solution Racing Post is looking to implement this further across the business throughout 2015.

“I love the solution” enthused Johan. “Show me another VDI solution which is this flexible and scalable without additional hardware and software costs.

We are delighted with ThinPoint, and the support we’ve had from Trustco throughout the testing, installation and ongoing support has been superb.”

Trustco has been NetLeverage’s exclusive UK distributor since 2012. To find out more information on the ThinPoint solution visit www.netleverage.co.uk.

Case Study: Racing Post
Case Study: Racing Post


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Customer Quote

“We are delighted with the ThinPoint solution, and the support we’ve had from Trustco throughout the testing, installation and ongoing support has been superb.”

Johan Pieterse
Head of Operations and Security
Racing Post