Learn why Greenbank High School partnered with Trustco to implement a VDI solution to provide easy and secure remote access for its staff and students. 

Greenbank High School is an all-girls secondary academy school located in Hillside, Southport in Merseyside. It was judged as an outstanding school by Ofsted in November 2010.

With over 1,000 staff and students requiring remote access to computer systems, the school is heavily reliant on its IT infrastructure to succeed.

The Requirement

The need to access core IT systems remotely has recently increased as teaching staff required greater flexibility and access to network resources from any device at any time. This becomes especially important as the school year hits peak times, such as the end of each term, when reports need to be written at the most convenient time and place.

The school’s new VLE didn’t allow for remote access so Jon Gardner, Network Manager for Greenbank High School, was tasked with investigating a complimentary remote desktop and application delivery solution.

Jon had strict criteria; the solution needed to be fast, reliable, work across multi-platforms and most importantly be cost-effective. Any solution would also need to address any security concerns over remote working by providing a secure connection.

The Evaluation

Jon researched and evaluated a number of solutions. These included Citrix ‘VDI-in-a-box’ and Microsoft Remote Desktop. Cost, complexity and licensing were the main reasons for rejecting these solutions.

At this point Jon came across ThinPoint by NetLeverage and contacted Trustco, NetLeverage’s exclusive UK distributor. Trustco’s dedicated account manager Gavin Bennison demonstrated the solution and arranged a trial for Greenbank High School to pilot.

Jon was impressed that the software was so simple to manage. He installed ThinPoint quickly, without the need for additional IT resource, and utilised existing server resources so there was no need to purchase additional hardware. ThinPoint’s concurrent licensing model was also attractive.

After a short trial period, Jon made a recommendation to senior management that ThinPoint delivered everything he was looking for and budget was secured.

IT resource, utilising existing hardware, complexity and cost all informed this decision. Jon commented, “Citrix required additional server hardware which made the overall solution 3 to 4 times more expensive than ThinPoint, not to mention the additional engineering time I would need to procure to install this type of solution. All in all, this simply made this option too expensive”.


Jon was impressed with Trustco’s pre-sales process. Dealing with a single point of contact, Trustco had the product knowledge to support Jon through a successful trial and roll-out. “Most sales people can cover the basics but Gavin’s depth of technical knowledge was impressive and most importantly there was no ‘hard-sell’. Gavin took the time to understand our requirement properly and followed up on any queries promptly,” said Jon.

Staff perception was positive too – ThinPoint was found to be easy to use, with a small learning curve but overall user adoption was rapid with limited issues. Jon says, “Our staff have been very positive. A lot of my time is spent trouble shooting but I can safely say I have only had a couple of queries about ThinPoint in the 12 months this has been running so far”. 


ThinPoint was found to be really easy to deploy. It’s secure and its concurrent licensing model made it the obvious choice for Greenbank High School.

Jon concluded; “ThinPoint has been a smart decision for us. The support we’ve had from Trustco throughout the testing, installation and ongoing support has been first class.”

Trustco has been NetLeverage’s exclusive UK distributor since 2012. To find out more information on the ThinPoint solution visit www.netleverage.co.uk.

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Customer Quote

“ThinPoint has been a smart decision for us. The support we’ve had from Trustco throughout the testing, installation and ongoing support has been first class.”

Jon Gardner
Network Manager
Greenbank High School