Blog: [Webinar invitation] Dear IT Professionals…

Dear IT professionals…

In your role you’ll appreciate just how essential it is that you get the best possible performance from your organisation’s storage infrastructure.

A new case-study focused webinar has just been announced for 6th April which looks at how Joules Clothing – a premium lifestyle clothing brand with a customer database of two million people – addressed all of its SQL Server Data Warehouse storage performance problems in one fell swoop.

Attend this complimentary webinar to find out how the retailer:

  • Hugely improved the performance of its SQL Server Data Warehouse
  • Cut rebuild times by 50%, providing a continuous, up-to-date data stream to manage critical stock levels
  • Improved latency to enable quicker analysis of store trends and customer spending patterns
  • Accurately monitors and predicts future data growth and performance requirements
  • How this approach could be made to work for your organisation.

This 45 minutes session will be an opportunity to hear the experience of Joules Clothing during this project – and about challenges and lessons learned. There will also be an opportunity to put questions to the expert advisors from Nimble and Trustco who carried out the project.


I really hope that you will be able to join us (from 10am Thursday 6th April) for what will be an informative overview of this project. Incidentally if you would like to extend this invitation to a colleague, then please feel free. You can reserve your place using the link above or by calling Trustco on 0344 880 1999.