Blog: VDI vs DaaS: which is the right choice for your business?

Introducing Limitless VDI… modular solutions designed to scale out

As desktop virtualisation technology continues to progress Trustco believes that every company can now take full advantage of the benefits of VDI.

However with vendor technology lock ins and multiple choices over hypervisor, server, storage and networking options, VDI migration is a long and complex process.

To help combat this Trustco has launched Limitless VDI, a set of all-in-one bespoke options, tailored to your business to ensure the process of moving to a more efficient, customised desktop solution is a simple one.

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Is VDI the right choice for your business?

Full VDI implementation may not be practical for everyone. For smaller businesses Trustco has developed XenCAD a powerful cloud-based DaaS for individual users. Find out more.

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