[BLOG] Trustco launch complimentary Cloud Optimisation Assessment

Trustco is committed to making transformational technologies available to all of our customers and we would love to introduce CloudPhysics to you.

Make decisions with confidence

CloudPhysics is a simple SaaS solution that monitors and analyses IT infrastructures, offering insights and reports that help you upgrade, repair, and adapt your data centre to changing needs.

Trustco can show you in real time how much it would cost to spin up all/some of your VM workloads in all public clouds as well as costs for on-prem data centre consolidation.


Backed by HPE, we are launching a complimentary assessment with CloudPhysics to help you gain an understanding of your environment.

With visibility into wasted space at the datastore and guest OS level, a CloudPhysics assessment can offer the steps to recover wasted resources and find contentions between workloads on low performing datastores. Leverage correlation analytics to find bottlenecks at host and storage levels to help identify potential upgrades or replacement opportunities.

Assessment objectives

  1. Understand your existing on-premises (Private Cloud) infrastructure costs
  2. Identify optimisation opportunities throughout your data centre infrastructure
  3. Examination of all datastores, spanning multiple vCentres, to identify and eliminate risks of capacity-induced disruption
  4. Mitigate the cost of up to 50% by “right-sizing” your VMs to optimally fit their resource needs.

How can we provide you with this insight?

What you need:

▪ 15 minutes of your time
▪ Access to your vCenter (incl. most recent read-only credentials)

What you get:

▪ A detailed analysis showing costs and implementation details, plus adjustable parameters for fine-tuning and ‘what-if’ analyses.

To register your interest in this assessment, please follow this link below. Following your activation, our team will contact you within 48 hours to review your insights.

All metadata is collected by the observer and then the is stripped of any IP or tagging information before being sent for review. No files or data is sent, and the metadata is sent anonymously.

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