Blog: Store at the speed of light with Trustco, Mellanox and Tegile.

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Dear IT professionals…

With predictions of an explosion in data growing to 44 ZBs by 2020, have you thought about how you’re going to store and have fast access to it?

Meet Tegile and Mellanox, your answer to super-fast storage!

Tegile; Gartner’s visionary for 2017 offer a single, scalable flash/hybrid storage array which enables you to fully scale your storage to grow and fit your capacity needs, all whilst simplifying your data centre infrastructure!

While Mellanox, offer advanced networking solutions with flexible solutions which deliver high bandwidth, processing power, capacity all whilst lowering TCO.

This means that you can have Flash-storage levels of performance for the applications that need it, scalable storage which will grow to fit your performance AND and have super-fast access to this data!

During this webinar on 12th December you’ll discover:

  • Increase performance of your workloads
  • Have access to your data with one user interface
  • Efficiently utilise your storage capacity
  • Become a driver of hyper speed by updating your Ethernet


I really hope that you will be able to join us (from 10am on Tuesday 12th December) for what will be an informative webinar. Incidentally if you would like to extend this invitation to a colleague, then please feel free. You can reserve your place using the link above or by calling Trustco on 0344 880 1999.

Webinar 12th December
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