Blog: A look into developments at Nimble Storage.

2014 has been a busy year for Nimble Storage. In June it launched a new platform called  Adaptive Flash by introducing the CS700 series. The CS700 provides the performance of flash-only arrays with the capacity of hybrid arrays delivering up to 500,000 IOPS, 64 terabytes of flash, and a petabyte of capacity.

The CS700 array is designed handle a range of performance-intensive enterprise workloads, including large-scale VDI deployments and high transaction-volume databases, as well as other performance intensive server virtualisation workloads such as Microsoft Exchange.

The CS300 and CS500 product families followed in August with these new units refreshing Nimble’s lower and mid-range offerings – boasting a 50% increase in performance over the CS200 and CS400 models they are replacing.

Ajay Singh, Vice President, Product Management at Nimble Storage has written an interesting blog taking readers behind the scenes of a new product launch which can be view here.  We also enjoyed Nimble’s It’s Time to Retire Your Old-School Storage advert which makes a light-hearted dig at storage vendors using outdated technology. The advert can be viewed opposite.

Revenue growth

A recent article from the Register highlighted that Nimble Storage revenues are growing strongly as storage giant incumbents ‘were unable to deliver equivalent price/performance products’. Revenues were $53.8m for its second quarter in 2014 – an 89% increase year-on-year – with Nimble Storage adding 663 new end user customers during the quarter.

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