Blog: IT Security – Top 3 impersonating attacks you should be aware of.

Email, IT services, and cyberfraud have changed significantly over the years – threats aren’t just spamming with malicious attachments. Companies now face advanced malware, fraudulent URLs, and sophisticated social engineering attacks that target the humans directly.

Cybercriminals are also leveraging the most common spear-phishing tactic out there: impersonation. It’s commonly used since end users tend to trust emails that come from their boss, colleague or friend.

A lot of these criminals go to great lengths to produce convincing and targeted impersonation attacks.

Luckily Barracuda provide security, backup and archiving solutions for Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and other email servers. Check out their one-page brief that highlights the top 3 most common impersonating attacks that you should watch out for here.

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Barracuda’s first email protection product launched in 2003. One million cloud-enabled products later, they are still committed to providing the industry’s most comprehensive and best-performing email protection.

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