Blog: Optimise existing infrastructure or transition to new technology with HPE.

Are you:

  • Changing or relocating your existing data centre?
  • Looking to develop a strategy around the disposal of aged IT assets?
  • Looking to standardise systems on legacy platforms?
  • Maintaining or upgrading legacy systems?

Trustco partners with HPE Financial Services to provide value-added services including HPE Pre-Owned, HP Rentals and HP Asset Recovery.

This partnership allows Trustco access to HP’s dedicated Technology Renewal Centre in Erskine, Scotland where HPE refurbishes and resells its pre-owned assets. This gives our customers options to optimise their current IT infrastructure without having to buy new.

Typical IT challenges Trustco can help you address:

  • Keeping legacy applications running by upgrading legacy infrastructure
  • Providing whole systems or spares for end of service life platforms
  • Enabling data centre consolidation or migration by using mirror image systems
  • Recovering value from decommissioned IT assets
  • Support for proof of concepts through short-term rental of the required infrastructure 

Certified Pre-owned HPE hardware across the full HPE data centre portfolio:

  • ISS ProLiant – Blades, DL and ML
  • Storage – EVA, XP, MSA, Lefthand & 3PAR
  • Networking – Aruba, Procurve, Cisco, Brocade
  • CPUs, memory and drives
  • Software/Licenses
  • Alpha
  • HPUX systems
  • Integrity

Rentals – to support specific projects:

  • 3-12 month equipment rentals
  • Data centre moves/rental swing kit

Sound interesting? Contact Trustco to discuss how IT Asset Lifecycle solutions can help you extend the life of your existing infrastructure, or how we can help you transition to new technology.

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