[BLOG] HPE Hyperconvergence roundtable invitation.

Trustco & HPE Hyperconvergence Roundtable Invitation
Hosted by Bob DeVita, HPE Senior Manager, Global Distribution
26th September 2019
Cannon Street, London

Having recently completed a conference tour across the USA, South America and Europe, hyperconvergence leading light Bob DeVita is over in the UK for three days in September.

Trustco is privileged to be granted access to a day of Bob’s time and is delighted to announce we will be running a round table discussion hosted by Bob in London.

Bob DeVita was one of the early pioneers at SimpliVity and recognised from day 1 that it is the data centre technology of the future. After 4 years of channel development and end-user design, Bob brings hands-on customer experience and real-life customer examples to the hyperconvergence discussion and will show how this has continued its impressive evolution through HPE SimpliVity.

During this exclusive session, we will discuss your infrastructure challenges for 2020/2021 and where hyperconvergence and hybrid IT can serve you best. Attendees will be IT infrastructure professionals who bring a wealth of real-world technical experience and knowledge. It will give you a great opportunity to network with your peers and quiz the experts directly about how to address your business challenges.

If you would be interested in meeting with Bob and learning more about HPE’s SimpliVity solution, please register your interest in this session below.

A brief introduction to Bob and SimpliVity… Hear the full story and meet Bob at Trustco’s hyperconverged roundtable event in London on 26th September 2019.

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