Blog: The drive for 25 Gigabit ethernet.

Release the potential of 25 Gigabit Ethernet.
2.5x the bandwidth at less than the cost of 10 GbE.

Over the past few years’ companies have been busy adopting 10GbE or 40GbE to address the increase in East/West traffic patterns that are now prevalent in virtualised environments. Now current storage models such as container based and flash storage require even more bandwidth. If you are investing in flash or hybrid storage systems for performance, are you ensuring your network is maximising its potential?

The transition to 25GbE has already begun, you can utilise existing cabling infrastructure and with Mellanox technology it needn’t cost your organisation a fortune to implement.

With a heritage in ultra-low latency and high-performance, Mellanox can help you accelerate your network and meet future scalability requirements. Mellanox is leading the way producing 25GbE/50GbE/100GbE switches and network interface cards (NICs) for servers and server manufacturers and we’d like to demonstrate the technology to you.

Being open stack, Mellanox will sit alongside any existing networking vendor. Using Mellanox scale out open Ethernet switches, you are able to access the highest performance and port density, reducing infrastructure complexity and reducing costs.

Mellanox 25GbE interconnect solutions guarantee:

– Backward compatibility with existing 10GbE Infrastructure
– Future proof upgrade path:

  • Today – 1/10/40GbE
  • Tomorrow – 25/50/100GbE

– Greater switch port density
– Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX
– 60% lower cost per Gb
– Up to 40% lower cabling complexity
– Zero packet loss, fair behaviour & predictable performance

Buy back and trade-in on your existing kit 

Through extensive testing and product comparison, Mellanox offers a stable and competitive Ethernet networking solution against HPE, Cisco and Juniper.

To find out more visit our Mellanox page or call us on 0344 880 1999. Buy back and trade-in opportunities are also available on select networking equipment.

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