Blog: Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3004 series review.

3,300MB/s sequential reads, 2,400MB/s writes, 40,000 IOPs from disk

Dot Hill is a storage array manufacturer which has developed its reputation as a storage innovator by developing a portfolio of influential patents over the last 30 years.

Whilst they continue to develop successful OEM partnerships with other brands including Dell, HP and Lenovo, the last few years has seen Dot Hill begin to market storage systems under their own AssuredSAN brand.

The AssuredSAN series have proved popular and works well in the mid-tier companies that need a quality storage system to support business-critical applications like a SQL Server environment, Exchange or backup.

3004 launch

It was announced on 9th July 2014 that Dot Hill has improved its best-selling storage system with the launch of AssuredSAN 3004 array. The AssuredSAN 3004 model improves on the previous generation 3000 series by providing next-generation affordable storage to meet entry-level requirements with greater capacity and performance.

Trustco found that the 3000 series was a great entry level SAN, with impressive performance whilst being easy to install and manage. So how has this latest update improved on the popular 3000 series?

  • Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN 3004 solution deliver up to 80% greater performance over  the previous generation 3000 series whilst providing 50% higher capacity within the same rack space
  • It features a wide range of high-bandwidth host interface options including 16Gb and 8Gb Fibre Channel and 10Gb and 1Gb iSCSI with Dot Hill’s Fibre Channel/iSCSI converged interface
  • Sequential read performances of up to 3300 MB/second, writes of up to 2400 MB/second and 40,000 IOPS from disk can be achieved
  • It has the ability to support up to 288 terabytes of total capacity and is available in a variety of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk drives (HDDs)

Recent deployments

We have recently partnered with Dot Hill to install an AssuredSAN system to support TelecityGroup’s European-wide VDI roll out. You can read about this here – TelecityGroup & Dot Hill case study.

Compare Dot Hill storage solutions

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Dot Hill 3004

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