Make confident decisions with CloudPhysics.

Partnering CloudPhysics, Trustco is launching a complimentary assessment to give IT teams the power to understand, troubleshoot, and optimise their virtualised data centres.  

Suitable for any company with a VMware environment, CloudPhysics analyses your virtualised infrastructure and immediately highlights risks and opportunities in a matter of minutes that may otherwise take weeks of manual work to uncover. All we need is 15 minutes of your time.

Following this assessment Trustco will issue you with a report that will: 

  • Help you understand your existing on-premises infrastructure costs.
  • Identify optimisation opportunities throughout your data centre infrastructure.
  • Provide data-driven, actionable insights and give you visibility into immediate cost savings.
  • Identify operational hazards that pose a risk to your infrastructure.

Considering public clouds? This report can also show you how much it would cost to spin up some / all of your VM workloads to most popular public clouds, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

What does this look like? Check out this sample report here.
This document answers some of the most common security questions you may have. 

Sound good? To register your interest in this assessment, please follow the link below. Following your activation, our team will contact you within 48 hours to review your insights.

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All metadata is collected by the observer and then stripped of any IP or tagging information before being sent for review. No files or data are sent, and the metadata is sent anonymously.

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