Blog: 10 questions to ask before selecting a disaster recovery solution.

Trustco surveyed its customers back in December 2014 and it became clear that Disaster Recovery (DR) and data protection continues to be the major challenge for the majority of IT Professionals.

The industry has also seen organisations of all sizes over the last few years choose to deploy applications on virtualised IT infrastructures as the benefits of flexibility, mobility and cost-effectiveness continue to grow.

However many of the traditional replication and DR solutions were not conceived to deal with virtual infrastructures and can struggle to support the needs of virtualised mission-critical applications.

Are you getting what you need out of your disaster recovery solution? Use these 10 questions to find out

In light of the challenges facing DR for virtualized applications, Zerto, who specialise in real time data replication, has put together a list of 10 questions you should ask when choosing a DR solution.

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